How to Improve Your Outdoor Photography

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Lighting is probably the most crucial aspect in outdoor photography, but you can assume your outdoor photos will not require a lot of lighting because of the availability of loads of beautiful, natural light. Although, you are welcome to spend

Outdoor Photography

hours experimenting with shutter speeds, post-processing, filters and HDR mode, on most occasions these quick-and-simple tips will make your outdoor photographs more vibrant and appealing:

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight is just too harsh on most occasions. Without diffusion, it will trigger incorrect white balance and unsightly shadows in auto-mode. Moreover, when you are outdoors, direct sunlight in your subject’s face will trigger them to squint and they will not be able to do much about it.

Use the Camera’s Flash

There is a common misunderstanding that a flash is only for indoor portraits when you don’t have sufficient light, but this is not true. Flash can be used for evening out the subject, filling in natural light and reducing any unwanted shadows. In fact, when you use flash and natural light well together, it can produce a great balance that creates plenty of warmth in your portraits.

Focus on the Eyes

This is amongst the most vital elements of portrait photography. We will not delve into the fine details of focal lengths and aperture here. A person’s eyes are easily the most crucial feature of their face and you should always focus on them during outdoor photography sessions. Completely overlooking them and letting them get out of focus is a crime.

Background is Important

Even when you are concentrating on the subject, you can’t let your background fall to the edge or wayside. If you don’t notice it, just a single unsightly or unpleasant background feature can easily ruin your photographs. Be on the look-out for random twigs, leaves, power lines, and signs.

Yes, we agree that Photoshop can fix almost anything, but do not make your post-production more tedious than it should be. Always attempt to achieve photographic results that are almost perfect right off the camera’s memory card. It will make you a better outdoor photographer.

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