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Dominate Instagram with Flat Lay Photography

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Don’t you love those pictures of tables taken from above? A desk with a notebook and a cup of coffee. A kitchen with several ingredients. It’s undeniable: those photos look great. The style is called Flat Lay Photography and, in a few steps, you can master it!

First things first: clear your table. Think of it as a white canvas. It’s up to you to choose what you want in your picture.

You can add your pieces one by one, as long as they as they add to the narrative of your photo. Pick two or three central objects that should get the attention and place them using the rule of thirds.

But that’s not enough. Remember a great picture needs great composition. Take some other secondary objects related to the main ones, and place them on the borders of your frame. They won’t seem as important, but they’ll add to the story and help create that magic effect of the flat lay photography style!

That’s it! Well, almost. With the tips I mentioned you’ll be able to take some good flat lay photos, but they won’t look as great as those you’ve seen on Pinterest. Don’t worry: I’ve got some more pro-tips for you.

If you want your pictures to really stand out, there are some rules you should follow. Think as an artist. You don’t want to pick the objects on your frame randomly: a great way to improve your photos is to pick a color scheme.

Another cool tip: let your objects breathe. Don’t jam your table with everything you find. Experiment with empty space and you’ll soon realize that in photography less is more!

Finally, you want to use natural light. Although studio lights might seem like a good idea, natural light will add soft shadows to your photos. Those shadows help the objects interact with each other and give that extra touch.


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