Abstract Photography

A Guide to Getting Started with Abstract Photography

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Abstract photography is unlike most other types of photography where rules, such as accurate focusing and composition hold no value. An abstract photographer uses his imagination to create stunning works of art, which basically involves using different patterns and colors, with no true meaning or clear subject. Here we will look at 5 tips that will help you get started with abstract photography.

Understand the Basics

Abstract photography has 3 essentials: color, form, and curves.

  1. Form refers to the object’s shape. It acts as the structure upon which an abstract image is created.
  2. Color basically draws the viewer’s attention. Furthermore, it stimulates the viewer’s perceptual system.
  3. Curves can help add detail to the image and thus spice it up a little. This is because curves regulate the movement of the viewer’s eyes.

Creating an Abstract Image

One of the simplest ways of fashioning an abstract image is with water and your camera’s shutter together. Shooting water with a slow shutter speed when the sun is low in the sky will give your image much more striking colors. Similarly, using a slow shutter speed to shoot a flag gusting in the wind will also give you an abstract image. The secret to keeping abstract photography eye-catching when using your camera’s shutter is to crop closely. Fill in the view finder with the blurry image. One of the best cameras for abstract photography is Canon 5ds.

Some forms of macro photography can also be seen as abstract. Close-ups of plants, flowers and other plant life will make amazing abstract subjects. Similarly as with shooting water, full scale modified works ought to be trimmed firmly and the picture ought to have a shading topic. Some road lights can likewise make phenomenal conceptual photos. A good abstract photography tip is to not neglect the tone of the object in focus, which is basically all its lights and dark. Continue shooting photos, and keep playing with the colors until you have mastered the art of abstract photography.

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